In 2019, Perbal/Bélibaste were approached to participate in a group exhibition focusing on plastic pollution in rivers and oceans. Collaborating with students from the Art Academy Niel, clients of De Cirkel, and artists Zjos Meyvis and Anny De Bie, they address this pressing environmental issue in their exhibition titled "Poseidon Doesn't Like Soup."

In all of their works, Perbal/Bélibaste imbue a story, a concern, and a subtle reflection. While their intention wasn't initially to directly respond to societal issues with their art, they aim to ensure that their work holds relevance. They strive to convey that they are not indifferent to the state of the world, whether it pertains to conflicts, the environment, or societal challenges.

Perbal/Bélibaste have chosen the path of serene activism through their art.

Please read their environmental statement .

CLEANING UP THE HOUSE - seashell, plastic, clay

GREAT BARRIER REEF RACE AGAINST TIME - fishhook, shell, seaweed, plastic

SAVE OUR SOULS - rice paper, plastic, thread 

EATING FISH IS HEALTHY - plastic, thread