Journey of Koi from Belgium to Zürich by Perbal/Bélibaste.

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New expo coming soon!


nov 30-febr 3

Lechbinska Gallery Zürich


'Atelier in beeld' is the great open studio weekend for visual artists throughout Flanders and Brussels. 

We, too, will open our doors again this year. You get a unique insight into our studio and our work process as well as a sneak peek of our new exhibition later this year!

6 mei van 14.00 - 18.00              

7 mei van 11.00 - 17.00



Heritage day / 'Animals in wartime' /  23 april, 14-17 / Kazerne Dossin Mechelen.

"When are we going home?" ends with an extra little twist! Because animals are a recurring element in the guest exhibition, a look-and-do activity is being organized by Kazerne Dossin and Perbal/Bélibaste for children ages 6 and up. Together with their parents, they will discover the artwork and the role of animals in wartime.



Come and visit our new expo / When are we going home? / February 2 - May 2 / Kazerne Dossin Mechelen.


The artists will be present on:

 February 2,  14h-17h

 March 3,  14h-17h

 March 26,  14h-17h

 April 23,  14h-17h