" Like any parent, we are particularly concerned about the future of our children. What will their home be like if we don't take environmental responsibility? Realizing that we make mistakes and that we learn every day, this is what we do: "


Where possible we choose to work with natural and biodegradable materials, such as wood and clay. If it is not degradable, we look for reusable materials such as metal and glass. We prefer to work with found items and materials that have acquired their own character and patina through use.


We use leftovers (preferably water soluble) from a painter or we make our own paint with natural pigments and chalk.


We only use water-soluble stiffening agents such as vliesseline made of potato starch. When using textiles in our work, we source second hand fabrics and thread.


In our studio we separate waste into compostable, recyclable and landfill waste.


The rainwater collected in a tank in the garden is connected to our house, studio and toilets. 


Our studio is insulated according to environmental standards. We use solar power from the solar panels on the roof. We keep the internal temperature as consistent as possible and replaced the wood stove by a pellet stove. We plan on replacing the tube lighting with LED lighting.


We manufacture our own wooden transport boxes from lightweight certified wood in an aesthetic way so that they can still be used by the buyer as part of the artwork. To protect the work we use old blankets that have been stitched in the correct size and have been labeled with our name, so that the gallerist can reuse them to pack our works whenever it is necessary. To fill voids we use compostable filling material. We do not throw away plastic packaging from deliveries, but use it as much as possible.

Shipping and traveling: 

Whenever possible, we transport our works ourselves. In the future we will replace our current car by an electric one. For further destinations in Europe, we avoid flights by driving a car and campertrailer.